Walking down the streets of Paris

When i placed my eyes on her that day, it took me just a minute to make up my mind, as she was walking out of the fast food and i was getting in. Something about her style, her smile ( or maybe it was her natural hair ) caught my eyes, i wondered if she would agree to let me take some pictures of her, i run and asked her, she agreed to my surprise and this is what she looked like.

I asked her her name of course, she told me her name was Fatou and i guessed she was from that beautiful teranga, the land of the people.

Took her e-mail address so that i could eventually send her the pictures and let her choose which ones she  would easily let me use on my blog, she gave me the right to use them all.

After visiting my blog, she wrote me back and told me she had a blog too and left me the address
I was blown by her skills, she's a hell of a writer, i love the way she tells her stories, the puns are wise, words are carefully chosen though it seems like they get easily on her mind, she loves reading and you can tell it by the way she herself create a universe in which she welcomes you with a moderne poetry style, she is a modern griot.

She made my day so i just wanted you to get to know her as well, stop by her blog one of these days and let me know how you felt. This is another Blessed Young Gifted and Black sister y'all, show her some love right ? until the next time take care of you my people and remain blessed xoxo.


2 commentaires:

  1. Ruuufff!
    Madame s'est mise a l'anglais !!! Hein !!!!
    Quelle souffrance !!! MDR !! LoOoL !!
    La " Serial Shooteuse " Frappe fort hé !!
    Tu rigoles pas deh, tu réussis a faire sourire tout le monde.

    1. Ce sont elles qui me font sourire au contraire, leur beautés méritent des odes et des hymnes, c'est trop délicieux


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