Floewe le supplément d'âme du Swaziland

L'artiste que je vous invite à découvrir aujourd'hui est loin d'être une débutante ou une nouvelle venue sur la scène musicale. Dans son Swaziland natale, elle a déjà remporté deux NACA (National Arts and Culture Awards) l'équivalent des victoires de la musique dans les catégories meilleur album de l'année et meilleur artiste Afro Soul de l'année. J'aime la richesse de ses textes et la douceur de sa voix, et je voulais partager avec vous la joie que sa musique me procure. Elle nous présente son dernier album solo Mayibuye  paru en 2014. Bonne lecture
Would you please introduce yourself by telling us who is Floewe 
Floewe is a driven Swazi born musician. Born and bred in Swaziland and has a deep sense for her passion, music.

Voudrais tu s'il te plait nous dire qui est Floewe
Floewe est une musicienne Swazi.Née et élevé au Swaziland qui a un amour profond de sa passion : la musique.

Tell us everything about your musical journey from being soloist of the year 1995, to becoming a full time member of Vamoose in the late 90's up to now
It all began at age 6 when i used to mimick my favourite artists at that time,I was a huge fan of Brenda fassie. I would sing for trees with make believe they were my audience.Sometimes gather my friends to be my backing vocalists and make costumes out of my grandmother's banana tree leaves. That was my first realization..I knew who and what i want to be,a celebrated artist in the whole world.
In high school i joined the school choir, well,it was compulsory when you got to form 4 and 5. The choir conductor saw potential and trained me to be soloist for the following year. We had great choristers those two seasons. In 1995 i got my chance. I was given the solo part and i nailed it and we won first place and i won my school Best Soloist of the year. It was huge for me. I knew then there was no looking back.This was just the beginning. I was home during the school holidays and had completed my O'Level Certificate, i saw an article in the paper that a popular hip hop group was looking for a replacement for their female vocalist who had resigned. I immediately called the number written and auditioned over the telephone, i got it and joined them time to time for rehearsals and eventually performed all over the country. In 1999 i decided it was time to grow as i had started composing full time. I had been writing at 15 years of age but in secret as my parents were strict about focusing on studies. It was unfortunate because then the group disbanded. I began my solo career that saw the birth to my debut album 'BE MY FRIEND'.
Was it easy for you to transition from hip hop to Afro Soul ?
The transition was a bit rusty but i managed. What was even more difficult was the move to Afro soul because i began singing in siswati..I pulled through and it became second nature

Etait-il facile pour toi de passer du hip hop à l'Afro Soul ?
La transition était un peu difficile mais j'y suis arrivée. Ce qui s'est avéré plus difficile c'était le passage à l'Afro Soul parce que je commençais à chanter en Siswati j'y ai survécu puis c'est devenu une seconde nature.

Your first solo album "be my friend" was released in 1999 and Mayibuye came out in 2014. Why did it take so long for you to publish new material ?
When i released BE MY FRIEND, I was still lacking in as far as experience is concerned hence the huge gap. I had to sharpen my skills. Building my confidence and stage presentation. I had a lot of help from Mluleki Dlamini who was mentoring and managing me at that time. I was truly enjoying live performing. In 2007, i was more than ready. I wrote Ngilamleleni which is on the Mayibuye album. I was taking my time, bearing in mind that growth is a process. It was worth the wait. I loved the outcome.

Ton premier album Solo "Be My Friend" est sortie en 1999 et le second Mayibuye  en 2014. Pourquoi t'a t-il fallu si longtemps pour publier du nouveau matériel ?
Lorsque j'avais sorti "Be My Friend" je manquais encore d'expérience d'ou l'énorme écart entre les deux albums. Je me devais de parfaire mes compétences et ma présentation scénique. J'ai eu beaucoup d'aide de la part de Muleki Dlamini qui était mon mentor et mon manager à l'époque. J'appréciais réellement de performer en direct. En 2007, j'étais plus que prête. J'ai écris Ngilamleleni  qui figure sur l'album Mayibuye. Je prenais mon temps, en gardant à l'esprit que la maturité est un processus. Cela valait l'attente. J'ai aimé le résultat final.
How would you describe Mayibuye your 10 titles second album ?
Mayibuye. I describe it as the journey, My journey. I had so much to say as i had transitioned into motherhood. I had so many thoughts to pen down and wanted to share with the world. It varies from soul to jazz and a hint of traditional. I wanted to accommodate all people from different walks of life.

Comment décrirais tu Mayibuye ton second album à 10 titres ?
Mayibuye je le décris comme étant le voyage, mon voyage. J'avais tant de choses à dire en transitionant vers la maternité. J'avais tellement de pensées a assoir sous ma plume et je voulais les partager avec le monde. Ca varie de la Soul au Jazz avec un soupçon de traditionnel. Je voulais accueillir  des gens issue d'horizons différents de la vie.

Can we rightfully state that you sing about life love and social issues with a feminist point of view ?
Rightfully so Marina. I felt that i wanted to address issues that a lot of artists shy away from. I wanted to be the voice for the women out there who are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone, their fear of becoming something greater.
The lack of empowerment for our women in society is a great need. Gender based violence which is also rife in my country. Sensitizing the public is a necessity.

Peut-on affirmer à juste titre que tu chantes la vie, l'amour et les problèmes sociaux avec un point de vue féministe ?
Tout a fait. Je sentais que je voulais aborder des questions que de nombreux artistes esquivent. Je voulais être la voix de ces femmes qui ont peur de quitter leur zone de confort, celles qui ont peur de devenir encore plus géniales. Le manque de responsabilisation des femmes dans notre société est un grand besoin. La violence fondée sur le genre est aussi très répandue dans mon pays. Sensibiliser le public à ce sujet est une nécessité. 
I really love asking singers in general who are their favorite artists and where does their inspiration come from. So can you share that little part of you with us ?
I am inspired by life in general, my surroundings, the people around me.
God's love for mankind that is unconditional, how he moves mountains and brings us to our feet. He has afforded me the gift of music to share with the rest of the world.
My favorite artist is Simphiwe Dana, she is a gem, immensely talented. I listen to a whole lot of other artists. Nomisupasta, Zonke, Emeli Sandé, Thandiswa, Jill Scott the list is endless.

J'aime demander aux chanteurs en générale qui sont leur artistes préféré et d'ou leur viennent leur inspiration. Pourrais tu partager cette petite part de toi avec nous ?
Je suis inspirée par le vie en générale, par mon entourage, les gens autour de moi. L'amour de Dieu pour les humains qui est inconditionnel, comment il déplace les montagnes et nous fait tenir sur nos pieds. Il m'a offert le don de la musique a partager avec le reste du monde. Mon artiste préféré est Simphiwe Dana, c'est un bijou immensément talentueux. J'écoute de nombreux autres artistes ,Nomisupasta, Zonke, Emeli Sandé, Thandiswa, Jill Scott la liste est sans fin. 

So far my favorite song is Sukumani,it helps me start my days feeling strong beautiful and blessed. Are you planning to make a video of that sisterhood celebration anytime soon ?
Mhhhh. I suppose i will, its a part of my passion. My dream is to see a huge percentage of women in Swaziland become a force to be reckoned with. Earning themselves respect in society and being financially independent and educated regardless of background.

Pour l'instant ma chanson préférée est Sukumani, elle m'aide à commencer ma journée en me sentant forte belle et bénie. Prévois tu de tourner bientôt une video de cette célébration ?
Mhhhh. Je suppose que je le ferai, ça fait parti de mes passions. Mon rêve c'est de voir un grand nombre de femme dans le Swaziland devenir une force sur laquelle compter. Qu'elles puissent gagner leur respect dans la société en étant financièrement indépendante et en ayant une éducation indépendamment de leur origines.
Would you mind telling us the main theme of each and every song ?
Lomatsemba- is for the girlchild that has fled from home because of different reasons to remember that there is no place like home.
Ngikhombise- is about relationships, how we time and again need reassurance on the love our partner has, if at all.
Sukumani- Women empowerment, digging deep within ourselves.
Moya- This song was inspired by a bad experience. I had a nasty car crash years ago which In my opinion was a spiritual war.
Ngilamleleni- Gender based violence. A woman's cry for help
Kuncono manje- Culture preservation, moral values within our society.
Buya- Nostalgia for the love back home. Awaiting their return
Are you planning to tour in Europe anytime soon ?
Oh yeah..I would love to start touring as soon as my next offering is complete.
It has always been a dream of mine. For now im starting with Nelspruit right next door.
Thank you so much Marina. Good day and God bless

Prévois tu une tournée Européenne dans les jours à venir ?
Oh oui, j'aimerais commencer une tournée aussitôt mon prochain spectacle terminé. Cela a toujours été un de mes rêves. Pour le moment je commence avec Nelspruit  qui est juste à côté.

Thank you Floewe for having me and above all for your patience and understanding. May the most high keep pouring his blessings in and around your life my sister. Remain blessed.


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