Azon what ? To who ? Azonto !!!? ok

I celebrated my twenty something birthday lately(yes indeed) and my little brother, who always have a sweet word to say to me, looked me straight in the eyes and said : You're aging for sure, you don't even complain the way you used to when i bored you with my stories. I gave him my best "whatever"and added : i'm not talking to you (aging ?  who can decently tell a fine young lady such an awful lie, i even kissed my teeth on Him). He said you don't need to talk actually you can just dance your feelings to me, sis' let's do the Azonto. I was like what ? he said shush, from now on let's do the Azonto ooo. He saw on my face that i seemed to be lost, so He played these videos to show me clearly what it is that he was talking about I sure can do the eating Azonto because that's just one of my favorite thing on earth (i don't talk while i'm having my meal), but to honor my brother, i gave him the hit you on your head Azonto which turned out to be my favorite one, not so sure he appreciated, but it was My birthday. So here i am sharing this crazy dancing thing with you, though i'm pretty sure many of you may already know about this trend and i'm certain some already have your master degree on Azonto. Still I hope you'll enjoy yourself watching this and who knows, next time we meet, we could start our own choreography...until then remain blessed and take good care of you my YGB.


2 commentaires:

  1. j'adore l'azonto.tous ceux qui dansent sont trooop forts

    1. Tu as raison, je suis sous le charme de leur prouesses


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